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 Nickel plating
 Mechanically & dynamically balanced  base shells are dipped in formulated nickle solution.This nickel layer gives affinity to copper plating for next galvanic process.
 Copper Plating
 Galvanic process in which pure copper nuggets perfectly drawn with electrolysis process to deposit on base shells.Ensure for desired hardness & grain structure followed to next stage of polishing & finishing
 Polishing & Finishing of Copper Cylinders:

Copper cylinder's are cut & polished by stone polishing machine to get desired circumstance & good surface roughness for best print quality.

KS series HELL engravers stylus hinting on finishing copper surface reproduce required edge cells form & finally customers bunch of satisfied cells in mind.
Chrome Plating
Chorme layer adhere engraved copper cylinder to strengthen image cells for withstand in printing process by links & chemicals.
The engraved chrome layered,finalized cylinders are actually proofed as printing process links, substrate requirement to check & Verify engraving authentifications.
Quality Assurance
 Reproduced cylinders are checked physically proofed for means of text,image & colour.Quality assured cylinders are despatched for actual print process.The quality cylinders we reproduce, printers derived for best packaging material which on shelf in market gives better value of our effort.


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